Pilote – ‘The Slowdown: Epilogue’ EP [mspiral005]

  • Released: 27/05/14
  • Format: CD


1. The Sixth Street Ramble [The Unknown Stuntman Remix]
2. Reverend John
3. Before You Fall Down (feat. Dusty Stray) [Kin;Aesthetic’s Hibernation Dub]
4. When The Romance Been Gone
5. Catching Matilda (feat. Camilla Rose Yuill)
6. Long Knoll
7. Shanty
8. Quattro
9. Lesson 51 (A Tailchaser’s Waltz) [Route 24 Remix]
10. You’re Only As Cold As You Feel [Scaramanga Silk’s Remix From The Cryonic Chamber]

Format: CD

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