Scaramanga Silk – ‘Designer Scribble’ selected as a ‘Best of 2016’ Album by Steve Davis / Kavus Torabi: Interesting Alternative Show – 09.01.17 Phoenix FM | The Soap Company Top 50 Albums of 2016 | Top Album Covers of 2016

The Best Of 2016


2016 saw Micro Spiral release the debut album by the artist we first signed, Scaramanga Silk.
‘Designer Scribble’ was released in September 2016 and is a ten track journey across electronic and experimental lands. It has recently attracted some attention in those heralded ‘End Of Year’ lists…


‘Designer Scribble’ – ‘A Best of 2016’ Album for Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi

steve davis kavus torabi interesting alternative show phoenix fm

Scaramanga Silk’s debut album ‘Designer Scribble’ was selected as a ‘Best of 2016’ Album by DJ Steve Davis alongside DJ Kavus Torabi on their Interesting Alternative Radio Show on Phoenix FM on Monday 9th January, 2017.

Within the radio show, the track ‘Macrynimyze’ was featured. Steve previously described the track as ‘Squarepusher and Funkadelic with a bit of hip-hop…’

Listen back to the superb show to hear Steve and Kavus’ best albums of 2016 (pt2) here:

Big thanks to Steve, Kavus, Interesting Alternative Show, Phoenix FM and Mixcloud.


‘Designer Scribble’ – ‘A Favourite of 2016’ Album for The Soap Company

The Soap Company

The Soap Company has been delivering sublime monthly selections of new music for some time now. These really are an invaluable guide to what is happening across all genres.

From an incredible 3,300 new albums listened to in 2016, The Soap Company created their ‘Favourite 50 Albums of 2016’. The list contains incredible records from across the musical spectrum (No.1 Entry Josef Leimberg – ‘Astral Progressions’ on World Galaxy is a total gem). Within the selection at No.46 is ‘Designer Scribble’ by our very own Scaramanga Silk.

Check out the fantastic Top 50 Albums here:

Huge thanks and respect to The Soap Company.


‘Designer Scribble’ – ‘A Top Artwork Cover 2016’ for Review Reviews

Top Album Covers of 2016

The cover artwork for ‘Designer Scribble’ is by the gifted Konx-om-Pax (Planet Mu / and was created based on a concept inspired by Frank Auerbach.

Scaramanga Silk - 'Designer Scribble' cover artwork by Konx-Om-Pax

The Taiwan based site Review Reviews recently included the ‘Designer Scribble’ Album Cover in their ‘Top Artwork Of Covers 2016’ list. There are some stunning pieces of artwork which are incredible pieces of art in their own right in this selection.

Visit Review Reviews to check out the superb album covers of 2016:

Many thanks to all at Review Reviews.
Huge respect and thanks to the mighty Tom Konx-om-Pax.

Steve Davis plays Scaramanga Silk – ‘Macrynimyze’ at DJ Mag Live (10.11.16)

steve davis kavus torabi dj mag live


Watch Snooker Legend and DJ, Steve Davis spin Scaramanga Silk – ‘Macrynimyze’ at DJ Mag Live alongside Kavus Torabi (on Thursday 10th November, 2016). Wait for the drops… (The boys ‘ave it!)

And unsurprisingly, Steve was rather nifty at cueing up the record… (thanks Kin;Aesthetic)

Shout to Steve, Kavus, DJ Mag, DJ Mag Live, Facebook and Facebook Live

Check the entire killer DJ set from Steve and Kavus here:

Or here:

Scaramanga Silk – ‘Life In The Faslow Lane’ played on BBC 6 Music, Gideon Coe Show 29.09.16

gideon coe


Yesterday evening, Gideon Coe played another track from Scaramanga Silk’s debut album ‘Designer Scribble’ on his rather fine BBC 6 Music Radio Show. This follows on from the support of
‘Barakatuk’ a couple of weeks back.

‘Life In The Faslow Lane’ is a party tune in the style of ‘hyper hip-hop’ with its dual tempos, upbeat flavour and infectious hooks.

‘Designer Scribble’ release dates:
Global Digital Release: 30/09/16
Global Physical Release: 30/09/16 on 2LP + Download Card, CD and Cassette + Download Card

Copies of the Vinyl and CD are available now at Sounds Of The Universe:

Copies of the Cassette are available now at Adventures In Dubbing:

Listen back to the entire Gideon Coe show here:

Podcast: Blemish & Scaramanga Silk present ‘Designer Scribble – Album Special’ [Broadcast Live on Innov8 Radio: 25/09/16]

29/09/16. Podcast. A one-off show: Blemish & Scaramanga Silk present ‘Designer Scribble – Album Special’.

Broadcast Live: Sunday 25/09/16 : 6:00pm – 8:30pm on Innov8 Radio.
Repeat: Thursday 29/09/16 : 8:00pm – 10:30pm on Innov8 Radio.

Over an epic 2 hours and 30 minutes we were treated to a full exclusive preview of the forthcoming debut album by Scaramanga Silk plus chat, insight, influences and the story behind the record.


Ben Mitchell – Cymbalism [Drum Dub] (Mr Bongo)
Scaramanga Silk – Barakatuk (Micro Spiral)
Joe – Claptrap (Hessle Audio)
Scaramanga Silk – Macrynimyze (Micro Spiral)
Autechre – V-Proc (Warp)
Scaramanga Silk – Alonely (Micro Spiral)
Laurent Garnier – Barbiturik Blues (F Communications)
Scaramanga Silk – Return To The One (Micro Spiral)
James Blake – CMYK (R&S)
Scaramanga Silk – Life In The Faslow Lane (Micro Spiral)
Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish (Warp)
Scaramanga Silk – Blind Truth (Micro Spiral)
Scaramanga Silk with Low Poet – Speak Without Tongues (Micro Spiral)
Model 500 – The Flow (R&S)
Scaramanga Silk – Soaring Above (Micro Spiral)
John Serrie – The Stargazer’s Journey (New World Music)
Scaramanga Silk – They Have Taken Control (Micro Spiral)
Scaramanga Silk with B-Fink – Day Of A New Dawn (Micro Spiral)

Full album release date: 30/09/16

Early Exclusive copies of the Vinyl and CD are available now only at Sounds Of The Universe:

Early Exclusive copies of the Cassette are available now only at Adventures In Dubbing:

Listen to Innov8 Radio via:

Tune In: