Out today! – ‘Sequential Music: An Alternative Approach For Experimental Minds’

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Sequential Music (sɪˈkwɛnʃ(ə)l ˈmjuːzɪk / noun)
‘A musical composition where the instruments are played one after the other in a serial fashion.’

Back in 2011, Edward De Bono’s book ‘Po’ and Steve Spacek’s album ‘Black Pocket’, inspired the experimental musician, Klis, to create a new and alternative method for writing songs. This vision
gave rise to the limited two track ‘Sequential Music EP’. A copy arrived at Micro Spiral HQ and it intrigued us. We were not aware of anything like it previously, so we wanted to hear more…..

Now in 2015, we present the next chapter. Klis has invited his favourite underground artists to produce tracks using the technique. The results transcend genre, challenge the listener and
showcase an exciting new scene….

BBC6 Music Radio support from Gideon Coe


1. Delta – ‘What’
2. Delicasession – ‘Never Again’
3. Kin;Aesthetic – ‘Seqret Sequence’ [Alpha Version]
4. The Unknown Stuntman feat. Clemency Jones – ‘I’m Leavin’ (Sea Quenchin’ Blues)’
5. Delicasession – ‘Particle 4’
6. Klis – ‘Wubwub’
7. Freethos – ‘Get Radikal’ [Sliced‐N‐Diced Dub]
8. Klis – ‘Blipper’
9. Glass Ark Maniac – ‘Helium Baboon’
10. Scaling As Karma – ‘Igor’s Jelly Castle’


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Thank you to Cargo, Delta, Delicasession, The Unknown Stuntman, Clemency Jones, Kin;Aesthetic, Freethos, Klis, Glass Ark Maniac, Scaling As Karma, Disc Wizards, Dan Tyler, Jimmy Plates, Darren Lay, Pilote, All the shops supporting the release and to all our friends and family for helping make this release possible.