Pilote – ‘Shapeshifter Blues’ as MPFREE of the day on the Lauren Laverne show


On Thurs 4th May, Lauren Laverne followed up her airplay of Pilote – ‘Me and Timothy Leary’ the day before with both a spin of Pilote – ‘Shapeshifter Blues’ and a download giveaway of the track as it was made her MPFREE of the day.

Grab the download via Lauren Laverne @ BBC6 Music

‘Shapeshifter Blues’ is an utterly infectious whistle along anthem. You will find it on the forthcoming album ‘The Slowdown’ out on 27th May, 2013.

Pilote – ‘Me and Timothy Leary’ as Headphone Moment on the Lauren Laverne show


On Wed 1st May, Lauren Laverne made ‘Me and Timothy Leary’ her ‘Headphone Moment’ as part of her BBC6 Music Radio show that day. This followed on from Lauren tweeting the day before about how she was enjoying the new album from Pilote.

‘Me and Timothy Leary’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Slowdown’ which will be released on CD and Digital on 27th May, 2013. This track is a quirky spoken word jaunt which will leave you with more questions than answers…!?!?!?!?