Kirsten Morrison – ‘Double, Double…’ [mspiral008]


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Following the releases of the Lauren Laverne (BBC6 Music) and Nick Luscombe (Late Junction, BBC Radio 3) supported single ‘She Walks In Beauty’ and album ‘Proserpine’s Gold’, singer and composer Kirsten Morrison returns….

A: ‘Double, Double, Toil And Trouble’ (Feat. Lene Lovich)

‘Double, Double, Toil And Trouble’ is based on Shakespeare’s classic, Macbeth. This darkly gothic number is filled with witches’ chants, late evening operatic vocals and classical horror instrumentation which build into an epic orchestral stampede. New wave legend, Lene Lovich makes a rare special guest appearance and brings her trademark sound to this ideal Halloween track.

AA: ‘Marie Antoinette’

‘Marie Antoinette’ has been a major highlight of Kirsten Morrison’s live shows across Europe. This four-to-the-floor baroque style romp has devastated venues by combining an infectious groove and stratospheric operatic vocals in this ode to the legendary French Queen who met an unfortunate fate.

(Cover image by Cabinet Of Curiosity Studio –


A. ‘Double, Double, Toil And Trouble’ (Feat. Lene Lovich)

AA. ‘Marie Antoinette’

Format: 7″ Vinyl

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Kirsten Morrison – ‘Proserpine’s Gold’ Album [mspiral017]

Kirsten Morrison - Proserpine's Gold [Album Cover] (Photography by Susana Sanroman -

Kirsten Morrison arrives on Micro Spiral with a debut album like no other! By day, this talented individual creates scores for film and TV programmes including the BBC’s ‘Plantagenets’, writes and performs her own operas, supplies music for commercials and has toured Europe with the Lene Lovich Band. However, none of those achievements will prepare you for the solo artist material that is ‘Proserpine’s Gold’!

Across twelve sublime tracks, we are taken on a highly original, diverse and eclectic journey. Kirsten delivers incredible operatic soprano vocals over tracks that take in influences from classical, medieval, folk, steampunk, theatrical and soundtrack styles. Genres are fused to create fresh soundscapes full of infectious melodies.

All of the songs on this long player are full of colour and are highly vivid as they paint evocative stories. Inspiration for many of these works came from the great poets such as Rossetti, Rimbaud and Taylor Coleridge. Kirsten Morrison breathes new life into these literary gems by transforming them into epic avant-pop adventures.

‘She Walks In Beauty’ kicks off the album as Byron’s poem is morphed into a beautiful harp-fuelled, Goldfrapp-esque excursion. ‘Still Do You Leave Me’ uses piano-propulsion and climactic vocals to build and build. Live favourite ‘Marie Antoinette’ is an energetic four-to-the-floor baroque style romp with epic strings and a legendary tale. Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Dream Within A Dream’ is a more serene and subtle number with a twinkling fairy-tale feel. ‘Siren Song’ takes us on an infectious gypsy-folk seashore adventure that will get you swaying. ‘Solar Flare’ closes affairs by launching into orbit for an atmospheric, experimental number for fans of science fiction!

‘A gorgeous track.’ ‘Really special.’ ‘Very much one to watch.’
– Lauren Laverne, BBC6 Music.

Tracklisting and Audio Previews:

01. ‘She Walks In Beauty’

02. ‘Kubla Khan’

03. ‘Still Do You Leave Me’

04. ‘Marie Antoinette’

05. ‘Dream Within A Dream’

06. ‘Siren Song’

07. ‘Salaviei’

08. ‘The Tyger’

09. ‘Alchemy Of Love’

10. ‘Janey’

11. ‘Bal Des Pendus’

12. ‘Solar Flare’

Cover Photography by Susana Sanromán /

CD sleeve design by Love Artwork

Format: CD

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Kirsten Morrison – ‘She Walks In Beauty’ Single [mspiral007]

Kirsten Morrision - She Walks In Beauty cover. Photography by Susana Sanroman

‘She Walks In Beauty’ is the debut single from the gifted composer and singer, Kirsten Morrison. Previous works range from scores for film and TV programmes including the BBC’s ‘Plantagenets’, to writing and performing her own operas, supplying music for commercials and touring Europe with The Lene Lovich Band.

01. Kirsten Morrison – ‘She Walks In Beauty’

Taken from the album ‘Proserpine’s Gold’ is the heavenly, harp-fuelled, Goldfrapp-esque excursion ‘She Walks In Beauty’ based on the poem by Byron. Kirsten Morrison delivers incredible operatic soprano vocals over a mesmerising melodic track that takes in influences from classical, medieval, folk, steampunk, theatrical and soundtrack styles.

02. Kirsten Morrison – ‘Alchemy Of Love’ (The Soap Company Remix)

‘Alchemy Of Love’ is given a reworking via esteemed DJ’s / Producers / Remixers, The Soap Company, who take the ethereal interpretation of the Rumi poem to a new place. Chiming melodies ring out amongst a haunting soundscape before transitioning, in an Underworld fashion, to an energetic, exotic excursion into the jazz stratosphere!

Cover Photography by Susana Sanroman /

Format: CD

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Various Artists: ‘Sequential Music…’ [mspiral006]


1. Delta – ‘What’
2. Delicasession – ‘Never Again’
3. Kin;Aesthetic – ‘Seqret Sequence’ [Alpha Version]
4. The Unknown Stuntman feat. Clemency Jones – ‘I’m Leavin’ (Sea Quenchin’ Blues)’
5. Delicasession – ‘Particle 4’
6. Klis – ‘Wubwub’
7. Freethos – ‘Get Radikal’ [Sliced‐N‐Diced Dub]
8. Klis – ‘Blipper’
9. Glass Ark Maniac – ‘Helium Baboon’
10. Scaling As Karma – ‘Igor’s Jelly Castle’

Format: CD

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Pilote – ‘The Slowdown: Epilogue’ EP [mspiral005]



1. The Sixth Street Ramble [The Unknown Stuntman Remix]
2. Reverend John
3. Before You Fall Down (feat. Dusty Stray) [Kin;Aesthetic’s Hibernation Dub]
4. When The Romance Been Gone
5. Catching Matilda (feat. Camilla Rose Yuill)
6. Long Knoll
7. Shanty
8. Quattro
9. Lesson 51 (A Tailchaser’s Waltz) [Route 24 Remix]
10. You’re Only As Cold As You Feel [Scaramanga Silk’s Remix From The Cryonic Chamber]

Format: CD

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Pilote – ‘The Slowdown’ ALBUM [mspiral003]


1. DBS
2. Shapeshifter Blues
3. Lesson 51 (A Tailchaser’s Waltz)
4. The Sixth Street Ramble
5. Lady Laudanum
6. Me And Timothy Leary
7. Foggy Paddock Backstep
8. You’re Only As Cold As You Feel
9. Eight Bar Lullaby
10. Paramour
11. Before You Fall Down (feat. Dusty Stray)

Format: CD

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