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Pilote – ‘BoxKart’ (feat. Charlie Parr) [Official Video]

19/01/17 From the recent Pilote album ‘Libero’ comes the ‘blues-rave’ of ‘BoxKart’ featuring the unmistakable voice of American bluesman Charlie Parr. Watch the video here: Follow Pilote: Charlie Parr appears courtesy of Red House Records. Video by the superb Bantam Films


The Best Of 2016

Scaramanga Silk – ‘Designer Scribble’ selected as a ‘Best of 2016′ Album by Steve Davis / Kavus Torabi: Interesting Alternative Show – 09.01.17 Phoenix FM | The Soap Company Top 50 Albums of 2016 | Top Album Covers of 2016

10/01/17 2016 saw Micro Spiral release the debut album by the artist we first signed, Scaramanga Silk. ‘Designer Scribble’ was released in September 2016 and is a ten track journey across electronic and experimental lands. It has recently attracted some attention in those heralded ‘End Of Year’ lists… ———————————————————————————————— ‘Designer Scribble’ – ‘A Best of


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Live dates + DJ shows + Radio appearances to follow.

Pilote – ‘BoxKart’ (feat. Charlie Parr) [Official Video]

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