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Kirsten Morrison - Proserpine's Gold [Album Cover] (Photography by Susana Sanroman -

Out Today: Kirsten Morrison – Proserpine’s Gold (Album)

21/08/15. Out now! The debut album from singer and composer Kirsten Morrison. ‘Proserpine’s Gold’ takes inspiration from many of the great poets including Byron, Rosetti and Edgar Allan Poe. It then fuses elements of classical, medieval, folk, steampunk, theatrical and soundtrack styles. Finally, it is rounded off with sublime operatic soprano vocals to create a


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Kirsten Morrison – ‘Alchemy Of Love’ (The Soap Company Remix) played by Nick Luscombe on Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

20/08/15 Last night, Nick Luscombe played the Soap Company remix of Kirsten Morrison’s ‘Alchemy Of Love’ on the rather fabulous Late Junction on BBC Radio 3. ‘Alchemy Of Love’ is based on the poem by Rumi and the original version features on Kirsten’s album ‘Proserpine’s Gold’. The Soap Company remix is a unique fusion of


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Live dates + DJ shows + Radio appearances to follow.